Monday, December 30, 2013

Don't confuse investment on housing with education.

People confuse two things: investment on house and investment on education. These are two different things. 

It is true in general that for relatively expensive neighborhood, the school is relatively better  in USA. As the public schools money is from property taxes.

Bayarea is a special case due to California Proposition 13. The current housing price is exceptional high. The recently homeowners pay high housing price and high property tax, but the real tax 
collected city wise is not really high due to california proprosition 13. Comparing to the public schools on east coast, it doesn't have that much money at all. 

Like what I have explained in another blog, the motivated students accounts for the goodness of the public schools, not the teachers in bayarea.

People definitely can get better reward for the housing investment from the view of the money, but not for the education. 

Some kids are just good as long as the environment is not destructive. However, it doesn't mean they really develop their full potential. 

There is an inspiring book related to education:

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