Friday, February 28, 2014

What to do when the kid catchs cold or fever.

Syndrome with cold and fever: for the first two days, the kid starts to have running nose. It may comes with a fever or not depending on the kid’s immune systems. After two days or so, the fever goes away, but the kid may still have stuffy nose or starts coughing. In a week, it becomes better. After two weeks, the kid gets back normal. Most of the time the fever comes at the night time. It depends on the situation, I try to avoid Ibuprofen if it is not over 103( for little babies, 100).
Things I usually do:
1.  Give the kid a steam, warm bath. it helps reduce the syndrome of stuffy nose and sore throat. It is a great way for the kid to relax too.  
2. The kid doesn't have good appetite for sure. Don’t try to feed him so much solid food if he doesn't want. Let him have more milk.
3. Fruits and juice are better choices. I let my kid have apple juice and pear juice. They are good source of Vitamin C. Also pear juice can easy inflammation of throat. We all love this one:
4. Being hydrated. Drink more water and pediatric electrolyte. My son likes the purple one a lot:
5. Have enough sleep and relax.

6. If you worry a lot, go to see the doctor.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Keep away from dry skin and rashes.

I see a lot of kids with dry skin and reddish on the face. We have been following the instructions our pediatrician gave us. Our kid has perfect and adorable skin most of time. I would love to share the instructions and hope it helpful:
1. Do bathing everyday for the kid over 10 minutes. Bathing not shower. Let him immerse in the water 10 minutes or so. This way the skin gets hydrated naturally.
2. Apply aquaphor on daily basis both on face and body for dry area:
Some people don’t like aquaphor as it feels very oily and heavy. I didn’t like it either at the beginning. After our pediatrician explains that aquaphor has less ingredients comparing others and may have less side effect, I started to use it. It works perfectly.
3. When there are rashes,  use 1 percent Hydrocortisone cream three times a day. Apply aquaphor on top of hydrocortisone as it can protect the medicine and make it work better:
4. We use Pampers for both diaper and wipes. Our little one has never got rashes: