Sunday, August 16, 2015

Half moon bay day trip

Devil's slide is the must see. I love Devil’s slide trail. It is a short coastal hiking trail with great view of pacific ocean. In spring, there are a lot of wild flowers that makes the trail much prettier.

If you are a strenuous hiker, you can visit trails at McNee Ranch State park. It has gorgeous view of pacific ocean too. If the timing is right, one can see the whale migration that usually happens around January.
Overview from McNee Ranch State Park

Monster chef is a great place for Japanese food. I like the sashimi and sushi rolls there. It is a pity that it is not open for lunch on weekdays.

Monster Chef
The alternative is Gerkin’s Sandwitch close by or restaurants at the pier. The pier is across street of monster chef. Don't forget to buy live crabs and live fish at the pier.

Gerkin's Sandwich place
If you has more time, you can drive down to pigeon point light house. It is a scenic route. The pigeon point hostel is a cheap and fun place to stay overnight. Don’t miss watching the sunset.

The alternative plan could be:
visit pigeon point lighthouse first.
have lunch/picnic  at norms market: the artichoke bread is really good. Usually we will bring home some too.
drive down to visit devil’s slide
visit pier and have dinner at monster chef. 

Best to avoid crowd to visit Devil’s slide in earlier mornings or on