Monday, December 23, 2013

Icebreaker: keep you warm in the winter

As it becomes colder, I was looking for nice legging made of wool. I tried a few stores like Nordstrom, macys, but none carries wool legging. Then I did a search on amazon and found this product: icebreaker everyday legging that is made of marino wool 100%. I ordered it immediately after reading those reviews. When I got them and tried on, I don't want to get off it. It is so comfortable and light. After having it, I start to wear more skirts and dresses in winter as this legging keeps me warm all the time. Really love it. It depends the weather. If it is really cold, using the 250 one. If it is cool, using the 150 one. If it is in between, 200 is a good choice.

I did a little search online. It is a good brand that carries marino wool products mostly. It offers kids clothing too. I ever tried to buy marino wool clothes for our son as he doesn't seem to like multiple layers. It has a great kid section too.

I found a local store on santana row and had a visit.  It doesn't carry everyday which is the cheapest line. I asked the sales if it has annual sale or something like that. He said only on black Friday or off the season it has some sales. Later I found out that REI carries some icebreaker stuff too.  When it is on sale or there is a promotion from REI, it is a good time to stock some for the next year for the kid.

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