Sunday, December 22, 2013

New Year Resolution: Being healthy and joining a fitness club!!!

At the end of year, it is time to set up the next year's plans or goals. Most people put the health at low priority. It is just so wrong! Remember, it is you that is the most important in your life. After some researching and trying, I just decided to join the Decathlon club to get into fit and be more healthier.

Being healthier is priceless!

I always feel relaxed and regain energy after visiting Decathlon Club. Decathlon club is the first club I used in bay area. I joined it back in 2007. Those time, I went there mostly for zumba classes. It has a terrific zumba class teacher that no one can be on her right in all zumba classes I have been too. I always love the indoor Jacuzzi, sauna room, and stream room too.

I had been to other fitness center in between, like 24 fitness and YMCA. They are really not in the same category as Decathlon at all. Recently I started swimming and were looking for a nice swimming pool. So I revisited Decathlon again. It built a new lap swimming pool and a kids' swimming pool. I just fell in love with it right away. At the current weather, one still feels nice in the water as it sets at 82 degrees. It feels terrific inside the water! Not cold at all, just freshness! After long time being in the water, one also can bath in the outdoor Jacuzzi. It is really like being at a resort, blue clear sky, nice cool water.