Friday, November 22, 2013

Wild rice is not real rice

While shopping at Wholefood, I saw this wild rice thing. I bought one pound as it is really expansive, like $10 per pound. I mixed the wild rice with the regular rice and it is really yummy. It has a light vegetable aroma.  I did some research to see how different wild rice comparing the regular rice we have all the time. Wild rice belongs to semi-aquatic grass, not in the rice category at all. Surprisingly, it has more nutritions then regular rice. One cup of cooked wild rice provides 15% or more of the daily value of 15% of zinc and over 20% of manganese. It is also high in protein and  the amino acid lysine. It is a good substitute of rice for pregnant women or rice porridge for little kids.  We are so addicted to wild rice, finally we found a good deal on amazon that is $4 per pound in stead of $10 per pound in wholefood.

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