Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Learning letters and abacus by 2

My son started to recognize alphabet around one year old when he said O by pointing the O letter. At beginning we thought it was an accident, but he was very consistent to recognize A and O. At one and half years old he could count till 10 both in Chinese and English. Since then he loves counting and now at two years old he can count to 30 in Chinese and 20 in English. We have a few toys to show him how to count, but the one he loves most is the wooden toy with 2-in-1 flip flop letters and abacus. On one side, it shows the basic abacus like counting, simple addition, subtraction. On the other side, it shows the 26 alphabetic letters and one word for each letter. Now, he can recite not only 26 letters in order, but also 26 words too. Whenever, we say a letter, he can response with a word. From time to time, my son loves to count with me by sitting on my lap and holding the 2-in-1 flip flop letters and abacus toy. It is just so lovely!

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