Sunday, May 25, 2014

New Release for Nutrition Tracker

Features in 0.7 release uploaded on Jun 15, 2014:
1. Export data. The diary can be exported to an comma separated values (csv) file for a physician/dietitian to review or analyze. The file is easily opened with Excel or other spreadsheet.
2. Log caloric intake and match to your activity level. This enables you to set goals for weight change.

3. Easy input of food. Foods that you’ve already entered are now on the top of search results. Saves time entering data.

Features in 0.6 release:
1. Add the lookup feature. You can now lookup nutrition facts for a specific food.
2. Missing nutrients are listed at the top of the nutrition report in order of decreasing priority. It’s now easy to figure out which nutrients you’re missing.
3. At the report output, click on the nutrition name, you can see the list of food with high value for that particular nutrient.
4. Add DHA/EPA information in the report.

Check it out at:

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