Sunday, January 9, 2011


Today I run into a friend who asked me where to learn Salsa. Without the second thought, I came up with Albertos. There are many places one can learn or dance Salsa. Albertos is my best love. The only complain I have is so so over crowded.

I started to learn Salsa by an accident as that was the only free dance class offered at iCenter at Stanford ( Ryan and Sidey run the class that time. It was a fun experience. Now they are running a studio in SF ( I learned one semester and stopped. Sometime iCenter at Stanford still offers free Salsa classes, but not guaranteed.  As I haven’t gone for ages and have no idea about that who are teaching there these days.

Last year, I caught up with Salsa a little at Albertos ( ) and had met some great Salsa dancers there too.  What really attracted me to go there is Pantea who is not only a gorgeous Salsa dancer but also the best Salsa dance teacher I have found so far. Watching her dance makes me fall in love with Salsa. Go to one of her lessons, you will know the power of her dance.

For beginners who want to learn Salsa, one could either check out Salsa class at Stanford or at Starlite ( ) on Sunday night. One can also go to Albertos on Tuesday and Thursday nights, but as a beginner being prepared to be challenged by Pantea’s fancy patterns and great dancers there. Some people like to go Cafecocomo ( ), personally it is not my favorite place as it is far.

I like the Cuban style Salsa a lot, but few people here teach or dance it. Such a pity! This is the best I have found:

Oh well, I haven’t danced for four months . I do miss it a lot! Now my first blog is about Dancing.:)

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