Monday, May 29, 2017

Visting Pigeon Point Light House

Piaw missed the ocean view Jacuzzi at the hostel. Do we planned a trip to visit there.  There are a few routes to get there. The one I like most starting from the intersection of 35(skyline blvd) and 84(La Honda Rd), following La Honda Rd to the south, then change to Pescadero Creek Rd.

A lot of motorcyclists and cyclists start from the intersection. It is an unbeatable drive through the redwood forest. It is on my list to do a bike tour there soon!

There is a little farm called Harley Farms Goat Diary along Pescadero. It is a sweet stop to rest and let kids play around. Another nice stop at Arcangeli Grocery Co - Norm’s Market. It has the best artichoke bread. There is a wonderful picnic area behind the shop too. And the beach is not that far from there. It needs luck to have a sunny clear sky though.

Don't forget to make reservation to use the Jacuzzi if you stay overnight at the hostel at Pigeon Point Light House.

I have a previous post about visiting half noon bay. If you stay overnight at the hostel, you can go up to visit half noon bay on the second day. The related post is here:

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