Monday, April 23, 2012

Hiking Trails in Bayarea

Russian Ridge Trails: it has more flexibilities here. The road is well maintained, not difficult at all. One can take an easy hiking for 3-4 miles or take longer ones, like 10/22 miles. The view is fantastic in a sunny day. Highly recommended. Stevenson beach trail: it has nice view of stevenson beach. Most of areas are shaded and well maintained. If you come at the right time, it could have wild flowers and creeks, small water falls. The view of stevenson beach is unbeatable. Moderate difficulty. During rain season, the some of the road could be muddy. Diablo Hike: it is difficult just as the name. Most of the trails have sharp up/downs, but still doable with right shoes. Some part of the view is pretty nice.

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  1. It's Stintson beach, and the name of the trail is Matt Davis/Steep Ravine.