Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Still in the process of updating ...

Chinese Restaurants:
SU HONG EATERY: 上海三黃雞, 蟹粉豆腐, 腐乳扣肉
Hunan Chilly: 梅菜魚, 土匪鸡, 湖南腊牛肉, 冒菜
P.F. Chang: Crispy Beef, Cumin Lamb
台南小吃:鹅肉, 蚵仔煎
上海家常菜 in Milpitas:螃蟹炒年糕
五饼二鱼 in Milpitas:土豆丝,五彩拉皮

Hotpot places:
Shabuway: hotpot with kobe beef.
Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot in Santa Clara, San Mateo and Union City

Dim sum and Cantonese food places:
Joy Luck Place in Cupertino
Koi Palace (鯉魚門) in Daly City
The Kitchen in Millbrae
ABC Seafood Restaurant in Milpitas
Mayflower Restaurant in Milpitas
New Port Restaurant

Pizza Places:
Petxi's Pizza in Campbell
Pizza Antica on Santana Row
California Pizza Kitchen in Palo Alto and Valley Fair

Japanese Places:
Tomi Shushi in San Jose
Gochi Japanese Fusion Tapas: Japanese Pizza, Short Ribs, Grilled Beef Tongue
Tanto in Sunnyvale
Blowfish Sushi on Santana Row
Sushi Tomi in Mountain View
Sushi Tomi in Saratoga

Indian food:
Kabab & Currys in Santa Clara

XANH RESTAURANT in Mountain View
Shana Thai Restaurant in Mountain View


  1. P.F. Chang is a Chinese restaurant? :) Its about as americanized as it gets!

  2. Dima, only try the two dishes I mentioned here:)